A collection primitive for delegated minting

A drop allows a creator to deploy an NFT collection and specify the supply, pre-reveal asset, and a sale mechanic.

Collectors mint the NFTs and trade them.

As the final step, the creator reveals the permanent assets for the NFTs.

'Drop Collection'

The drop primitive frontloads interesting parameters for creators.

  • A prereveal image for every NFT in the collection.
  • A fixed price for every NFT in the collection via “bulk list”.
'The Drop NFT Contract and Market'

A "drop" consists of two parts.

  • Create an NFT contract that can be configured in bulk.
  • Handle payment processing and the sales mechanic.

The interface required of the NFT contract and market contract is minimal, so it's easy to adhere to that and customize the rest.

Use our drop collection factory to create the NFT contracts, but bring your own market mechanic.

Don’t like a fixed price sale mechanic? Sell it via a dutch auction by forking the Foundation drop market or building one from scratch.

'Custom Market'

Use a custom NFT contract you’ve created, but use our fixed price sale mechanism to power the sale, to keep your contract focused on ERC-721 functionality.

Want to use your own NFT contract, maybe to enable dynamically switching the tokenURI response based on some external event? You can adhere to our minimal interface and use our drop market to power a fixed price sale for your NFT contract.

'Custom NFT Contract'

The drop smart contracts are composable with the Foundation Protocol and Foundation Creator Tools.

NFTs created via a drop can use the Foundation market contract to power secondary sales.

If you want to split earnings from your NFT drop, you can use the Foundation PercentSplit contracts to achieve that.

Want to use the NFT contract as an allowlist or mint pass for another collection? Because a drop collection is an ERC-721 contract like any other, that’s very simple to set up.

Drop Collection Contract Template: BatchMintAndRevealCollection

  • Drop Collection contracts are immutable, so the latest template is only leveraged by newly created contracts.

Drop Market: NFTDropMarket

  • Can power first-come, first-serve, fixed price primary mints

Collection Factory: NFTCollectionFactory

  • A factory allowing a creator to create an ERC-1167 proxy contract for a collection of NFTs by a single creator.
  • Can make NFT Drop collections